Maybin was a top scorer for the Cardinals from 1999 to 2001 before he left the university to play professional basketball in Europe. He was partially paralyzed in a 2003 motorcycle accident and resumed his UofL studies a few years later.

Maybin, who earned a degree in psychology, said that he had a great support system as he finished his degree and told a crowd of reporters May 10 that he “couldn’t wait to stick Louisville alumni” on his license plate.

Wheat, the Cardinal’s second all-time high scorer, left UofL in 1997 and played 12 seasons of professional basketball before retiring.

Completing his degree, he said, was always something he intended to do. He graduated with a degree in sociology.

“This is very rewarding to me,” Wheat said. “Getting your degree is one of the greatest accomplishments in life.”

Both received helped on their academic journeys from the Houston-Bridgeman Fellows Cardinal Degree Completion Program and Project Graduate.

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